Semaglutide + BPC-157 (Peptide Therapy)

Only recently approved by the FDA, this game-changing weight-loss prescription is the first to be approved in 10 years.

Approved in 2021 by the FDA for chronic weight management in obese/overweight adults, this injection has been described as a ‘game-changer’. “We have not seen this degree of weight loss with any previous medication.” said Dr. Timothy Garvey of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. According to data from trial results, more than 50% of trial participants lost 15% of their body weight and anywhere between a third and 40% of participants lost 20% of their body weight. Semaglutide helps patients stick to a reduced-calorie diet, enhancing the weight loss process. Vitamin B12 injections, Vitamin D3 or Magnesium may be used in conjunction with this program to help boost your progress.

How it Works

Semaglutide helps you regulate your appetite and control your food intake by affecting the release of insulin and glucagon, two natural hormones that regulate blood sugar levels, and is most effective when used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

In Combination with BPC-157

BPC-157 stands for Body Protection Compound 157, a peptide chain.  It is considered a synthetic, because the peptide sequence does not exist in nature.  However, it is based on a protective compound present in the human stomach.  BPC-157 works by triggering the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis).  This may promote healing and induce faster regeneration for cells.

Benefits of BPC-157

  • Treating intestinal damage like fistulas and inflammation
  • Healing stomach ulcers
  • Improving wound healing
  • Increasing cellular regeneration
  • Boosting bone and joint healing
  • Promoting muscular development

Dosage and Administration

  • Month 1: 0.25 mg (0.1ml) once weekly
  • Month 2: 0.50 mg (0.2ml) once weekly
  • Month 3: 0.75 mg (0.3ml) once weekly
  • Month 4: 1.0 mg (0.4ml) once weekly

What To Expect

We do an entire individualized nutrition consultation for this program, teaching you how to calculate your macros (protein, carbs, fat percentages) based on your daily activity level. You will be coming in for a weekly injection and weigh-in to chart your progress.

This program can be done in conjunction with the lipotropic injections as mentioned above.


With lots of encouragement from my husband and kids Since May 5, I lost 55 pounds and went from 38.8% body fat to 27.8% and couldn't feel better! Happy, healthy and full of energy!Read more