Phentermine Weight Management

Phentermine appetite suppressants can get you on the right track for long term weight loss success.

The phentermine appetite suppressants may be prescribed in conjunction with our low glycemic Lipotropic weight loss program. By reducing your appetite and increasing energy levels, phentermine is a great tool for helping you to establish a routine of healthy eating and exercise. As with every weight loss plan, it is important to learn how to independently make healthy food and exercise choices. Phentermine can be very beneficial for getting you on the right track for long term success. Learning how to satisfy hunger more effectively with nutritious and delicious foods, and how to enjoy exercise solely for the pleasure of moving your body, helps you sustain a healthier lifestyle.

What To Expect

The phentermine Weight Management Program is prescribed as a 90-day prescription that is called into your pharmacy every 30 days so long as patients are compliant with program requirements, i.e., keeping their weekly injection appointments, maintaining their lean body mass and losing a minimum of 5 pounds per month. We determine this by performing a body composition analysis prior to any refills. At your initial appointment we will perform a base line body composition analysis to determine your lean/fat mass percentages and your BMR (basal metabolic rate). We will then determine your weight loss goal and calculate your daily caloric intake. Last but not least, we will thoroughly explain the list of foods that are permitted on the program.

It is important that your body maintain your muscle as it is needed in order to assist with fat-burning and achieving long term weight management success. The most important thing to remember when starting your weight loss journey with phentermine, is that phentermine is just a tool to help you get to where you need to be to be able to go it alone. This realization should empower you to take on your weight loss journey being the most informed and motivated you can be, ready to lose weight for life not just with the help of phentermine but with 100% faith in yourself that you can and will do this, because this is your journey and you decide where it leads.


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