• Martha Koch

    Martha Koch

      I love Angela and her team so much!  They are extremely motivating and supportive… Learn more

  • Megan Isaacks

    Megan Isaacks

    I have never had the tools or support I have had with Angie and her team at Total Body Wellness! They are so amazing and supportive. Learn more

  • Whitley Frank

    Whitley Frank

    In short, Total Body Wellness along with Angela and the help of her team gave me the tools I  needed to get my life back. TBW was exactly what I needed to be successful in my weight loss journey. Learn more

  • Bonnie W.

    Bonnie W.

    Total Body Wellness gave me back my life, and I can honestly say that I’m squeezing as much as possible into my life every single day (and clothes shopping is a LOT of fun). Learn more

  • Carole Caldwell

    Carole Caldwell

    During the first part of 2019 my weight started climbing and climbing. When I got to 145 I about lost my mind, none of my clothes were fitting, my eating hadn’t changed, but it seemed like everything I looked at stuck to my body. That was until I met Angela and her team at Total… Learn more

  • Kimberly Williamson

    Kimberly Williamson

    Since starting the program in early January 2018 I have lost 63 and am still going strong. I haven’t reached my goal weight yet however I know that If I stick to it, I’ll get there. Learn more

  • Courtney


    My husband and I both went into the program together and I am so glad that we did. I started October 27 2018 at 193lbs and today February 21, 2018 I weigh 142lbs. The smallest I have been in forever! I am so grateful for this program. Learn more

  • Nicole Pisha

    Nicole Pisha

    With lots of encouragement from my husband and kids Since May 5, I lost 55 pounds and went from 38.8% body fat to 27.8% and couldn’t feel better! Happy, healthy and full of energy! Learn more

  • Misty


    I feel AMAZING, full of energy & with my confidence through the roof, I’m going for a job I have wanted for YEARS! Learn more

  • Denys Robertson

    Denys Robertson

    After years of struggling with multiple diets and exercise programs, I was not sure HCG would help but I knew I wanted to lose the extra weight and feel better. I lost 90 pounds in under 10 months. I am soaking up all the compliments… Learn more