Joe MarksThe last 2 years have been very stressful, my job was moving out of state and I wasn’t sure if I would find another especially at the same pay after 28 years on the job. During that time I fell into an all time low and started packing on the weight, I went from about 215 to 250 pounds the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I had no energy, couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without breathing heavy, my blood pressure and cholesterol were both high and to be honest I felt like I could drop dead at any moment. I finally got sick and tired of feeling like crap, trying to diet and exercise with no energy and always coming up short of where I wanted to be. I wanted to make a real change to make sure I was going to be around for my wife and kids so of coarse I started looking on the internet and this time around I stumbled onto Total Body Wellness. I told my wife about it and she actually made the leap of faith first and made an appointment and went and after about a month of great results she dragged me in. I was skeptical and wasn’t sure I could do it because I am an very picky eater. The first week or two were hard but after that something clicked and I became extremely motivated. The weekly weigh in and loss and continuous encouragement from my wife and Angela kept me on track and wanting to see more results. I am down close to 40 pounds now after only 2 months. I am now thinner than I have been in 15 years and plan on losing another 10 to 15 pounds. I feel more alive than I have in years, I have more energy, I exercise regularly and feel healthy and more confident. My blood pressure is down my cholesterol is at 170 and I feel hopeful for the future in being able to maintain and continue this new lifestyle. Thats the real secrete to the program making lasting changes that you can stick with and never forgetting where you started and never wanted to go back there.