daphne-marksMy husband and I met 3 years ago and were both in decent shape we both had kids from previous marriages and we quickly moved in together with all the kids. 6 kids plus us under one roof with the extra work and being so comfortable with each other plus the stress of my husbands job being in jeopardy, it didn’t take long to start gaining weight. We started eating out more often because it was quick and easy and that just became a bad habit. My husband found Total Body Wellness online and I decided to take a chance and I made an appointment. Turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Within the first month on the program I lost almost half of my goal weight. I was use to starving myself on other diets so with this one I struggled eating enough but with the motivation and guidance from Angela at Total Body Wellness, she was able to make suggestions to help me get the right healthy calories I needed. My husband soon joined the program and has had amazing results and together we are so much happier with how we look and feel that it has helped us grow as a couple and want to stay in shape for each other our kids and our future.