Whitley Frank

In short, Total Body Wellness along with Angela and the help of her team gave me the tools I  needed to get my life back. Throughout my twenties I really struggled with my weight. I could  work out and eat what I thought was good for me and *maybe* lose ten pounds just to gain it  back shortly after. I tried so many diets and exercises to attempt to lose weight long term with  no prevail. I was at the point where nothing fit, not even stretchy clothes, and my confidence  was in the toilet. I never wanted to leave the house and *if* I had to, I had only a few outfits  that fit me without provoking a total meltdown.  

My partner and I went to Maple Valley for a visit with family and drove past the Total Body  Wellness clinic. I searched their website, reviews, and the interweb to research what they  offered. I figured I’ve tried nearly everything else, what more could I lose? Weight. Fat.  Insecurities. That’s what I lost.  

TBW was exactly what I needed to be successful in my weight loss journey. They provided me  with a nutritional plan tailored to my goals and the cheerleading I needed to stay on track. I  chose to follow the HCG plan and have lost 50 pounds this far. I started the program with pain  in my knees and back and these days am running alongside the kids with more energy than I’ve  had since my teenage years. If you’re thinking about going for it, and you’re truly ready to 

commit to the hard work with a team that can get you to your goals, I couldn’t recommend  anything better than TBW.