I love the honesty & the straight forward in you. Smiling is contagious and that’s one thing I wish I could give everyone. We all have those days, but with a smile from someone it might just change the day they are having. Life is short and we might as well smile even when life throws us lemons.
I started I think 218 with loading 222 ( before I found you I had just dropped from 265, that took 8 months of every diet meds over the counter, workout videos and starving some days) and the now I’m 175!! Whoop whoop..This is the weight I always said.. If I EVER get back down to, it would be my 2nd chance to keep my body. This is the healthiest & skinniest I been since I gave birth to my son in 1994.

I feel AMAZING, full of energy & with my confidence through the roof, I’m going for a job I have wanted for YEARS! But never applied for it with a general contractor because of  embarrassment of my weight. I bought a suit this weekend in a SIZE 10 top & SIZE 8 pants. I didn’t even recognize the woman in the mirror, my husband stood at the doorway when I came out in shock! So he took that picture I posted on my profile & said post that and be proud of what you have accomplished.

I want to personally thank you, you could have just sold me the cavi Groupon deal and sent me on my way. Instead you saw something I didn’t see anymore. A woman lost within herself with a bunch of fat with low self-esteem that had a mind set of you’re 40 and as long as your under 250 your not that bad. I had settled to be heavy, have a job I disliked & didn’t participate regularly because of embarrassment of my body. My husband begged me to go places but I just avoided life & ate alone ALOT!

You gave me the tools to take charge.. You never made me feel fat, never made me insecure and most of all you explained why I was OK in my mind fat. Without you taking those few minutes to ask a couple questions, my life would be the same. You are a life saver, wonderful person & an amazing woman in my eyes! Oops.. mini novel, I would scream this from the rooftop – that Total Body Wellness made my dreams come true!! With my weight under control I have time for the important thing in my Life!!

LIFE I’m here to take charge of not only my body but my Career!!