Denys Robertson

After years of struggling with multiple diets and exercise programs, I was not sure HCG would help but I knew I wanted to lose the extra weight and feel better. In the past I tried cleansing, fasting, weight watchers, paleo, cross fit, and every fad diet product on the market. I just continued to gain more weight and finally reached a point where I was 100 pounds overweight. Every time I saw my reflection in a passing window or cringed at a picture posted on Facebook, I could not believe that person was me. I did not feel overweight!  I have always been strong, motivated, active and disciplined. How could this happen to me?

When I started HCG I immediately started losing weight. I was very surprised that I had so much energy and was able to stick to the meal plans without feeling hungry. I appreciated that I was able to eat ‘real’ food and by preparing all my own food developed good eating habits. Although I didn’t break any records on dropping weight rapidly, I consistently lost a few pounds every week and had time to learn how my body responds to changes in my diet.

More than anything, I feel the weekly support of the Total Body Clinic helped me stick with my plan. Although I was always greeted with encouragement my weekly weigh-ins kept me accountable. I also found it beneficial to have the opportunity to problem solve what made a week particularly ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I have discovered that stress, water intake, hormones and vitamins have a huge impact not only on my weight, but also my mood and energy level.

I lost 90 pounds in under 10 months. I am soaking up all the compliments from friends and family, I feel wonderful, and most importantly, when I look in the mirror I see the person I see in my mind; strong, motivated, active and disciplined.