I have spent most of my life overweight from adolescence into adulthood. The last time that I was as small as I am now, was before I had my daughter. That was over 3 years ago! When I got pregnant with my daughter I gained 100 lbs! I totally let myself go I figured I was “eating for two”. Big mistake! By the time I was ready to give birth I weighed a whopping 280 lbs! I was at my largest. As you can imagine I didn’t magically lose the weight when i had my daughter. I maybe lost about 40 lbs.

From the moment I got the green light from my dr. to workout, up until 8 months after my daughter turned one years old. I had tried a number of different diets and was also exercising. I had gotten down to 193 lbs. In October 2018 I stumbled across in search of something that would help my husband. I called and I spoke to Angela Call and right away I felt that this was going to be a good fit for my husband. So I made an appointment for him. I sat there thinking maybe I should do it too! Maybe we can do it together. After all my results from what I had already been doing had been slow coming.S o I called Angie right back and told her how much I weighed and asked her what program she would suggest for myself and my goals. My husband and I both went into the program together and I am so glad that we did.

I started October 27 2018 at 193lbs and today February 21, 2019 I weigh 142lbs. The smallest I have been in forever! I am so grateful for this program. And grateful for Angela Call, Sherry and Evelyn! I am so happy with the way that I look and my confidence has gone through the roof! I would suggest Hcg to anyone who is struggling to lose weight and is looking to regain their confidence! The staff at Total Body Wellness is very knowledgeable. They know what they are doing! All you have to do is stick to the program and you can get some amazing results! I am living proof of that!