Bonnie W.

When I came to Total Body Wellness last year I was a very broken, hopeless person. I’d always equated the number on the scale with my worth as a person. At 249 lbs, I had a very dim view of myself.

I was very combative with Total Body Wellness, because I really didn’t want to get my hopes up again that something would work, only to see it fail. I wouldn’t even look for help myself; my husband David had found them on Yelp (they have very good reviews). David had talked me into getting my thyroid checked, and we found out that my thyroid had basically stopped working when I went through the change, which in turn negatively impacted my weight and my ability to lose weight.

My first step was to get my hormones working correctly, and my next step was Total Body Wellness. The program is easy. Do what they tell you to do, and exactly what they tell you to do, and the weight comes off! I didn’t cheat my meal plan, and I was very honest. The weight literally fell off.

I’m now a size 10 and 175 lbs. I’ve run 2 half marathons, become a grandmother, lost two people very dear to me, quit my job , turned 50, and travel a lot. In this year, I’ve experienced a lot of highs and lows but didn’t eat over any of it. I’m learning to eat moderately which is still something I really have to pay close attention. I still go in and get weighed every week, because I know that is what I need in order to keep me on track. Not everyone chooses to do that, but again Total Body Wellness is extremely supportive, so I fortunately I have that option, because that is what I need.
Angela & staff are very passionate about what they do, and that passion to help kept me feeling very safe and secure, and I needed that support.

Total Body Wellness gave me back my life, and I can honestly say that I’m squeezing as much as possible into my life every single day (and clothes shopping is a LOT of fun).