Angela Call, LPN

Our team of Professionals is led by Owner Angela Call who is also a Licensed Practical Nurse. Angela’s knowledge of nutrition and passion for the health and wellness industry go back over 15 years. In 2001 her 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with type I diabetes. Working directly with diabetes education counselors, nutritionists and endocrinologists for many years ultimately led her into the medical field. She is passionate about helping people attain metabolic balance with the many weight loss programs offered at Total Body Wellness.

“I have been blessed to work with Amy Hiestand who specializes in bio-identical hormone therapy as well as weight loss. I continue to learn and grow my knowledge on a daily basis and absolutely love helping my patients not only reach their weight loss goals but keep the weight off. What we find our patients are most satisfied with (other than their incredible weight loss) is the encouragement and support of my staff. We are here for you every step of the way both to cheer you on and hold you accountable.”

Amy Hiestand ARNP, BC

So nice to be introducing myself to you, now lets get working together to make a difference in your health!

I was born and raised in Montana, I enjoy anything in the mountains and outdoors. I play Polo in the summer months. I love to camp and hike. Flyfishing is my weakness and I find so much peace with nature. My husband I have a 40 acre ranch, I love animals, I have 4 dogs, 2 are rescues and 9 horses. I have 2 amazing sons, and 2 wonderful step children.

I have now spent 28 years in Emergency Medicine. I currently work in the Emergency Department in Spokane. From 2006-2008 I also worked in a Family Practice office part time doing mostly women’s health. From 2008-2013 I had a passion for Women Health and Integrative Medicine and started a clinic we provided great integrative health care for women, men and children. I have spent many years working with women and hormones, bio-identicals and weight management and thyroid disorders. I also have worked with men and hormones and all other family members with an integrative approach. I utilize herbal supplements with homeopathies and hormones and diet to help people achieve their health goals and with their input we can be successful. I have focused on these areas because I believe feeling good is part of quality of life.

Sheri Wickstrom, CMA

I am thrilled to be back at Total Body Wellness. I first came here as a patient in 2014 desperately looking to lose weight after seeing myself in a video. Angela coached me into losing 40 pounds. At the time I was looking to get out of corporate medicine after 25 years in family medicine as a Certified Medical Assistant. Angela asked me to join TBW and found this to be the most rewarding job I had ever had. In 2019 when the office moved to Maple Valley, I decided to stay home since we were in the middle of building a home. I really missed coaching people on their weight loss journey and decided I wanted to make the drive to Maple Valley from Lake Tapps. I missed helping people reach new levels of confidence, knowledge, and education with regards to their health and wellness.

I graduated from Lake Washington College in 1991 as a Medical Assistant but truly learned everything I know on the job for 30 years.

My husband John and I recently finished building our dream home on Lake Tapps. We have 3 grown children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. We enjoy boating, camping, and travelling.

Bonnie Wagner
My goal was to like who I was by the time I turned 50. I’ve always been very goal oriented. I graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Industrial Psychology. I started off in Transportation and Manufacturing Management and gradually transitioned
out of operations into administration management. My family and my career always took a backseat to my health. When I was 49, my granddaughter was born; this is when I decided I wanted to weigh 75 lbs less on my 50th birthday, and I went to Total Body Wellness.

In addition to reaching my weight loss/ birthday goal, I also realized I didn’t want to work in my corporate job any longer. Prior to COVID, I enjoyed traveling Europe while tagging along with my husband on his business trips, but when I was home, I really struggled with anxiety every morning trying
to figure out what I should do during the day; I missed working, but it had to be something I either liked a lot, or felt passionate about. I like Angela a lot, and I’m passionate about Total Body Wellness. TBW helped me create a great life for myself, and I welcomed the opportunity to be a small part of other’s
weight loss journeys.