The Lipotropic Rebalancing program utilizes a whole foods diet along with lipotropic injections to aid the body in regaining metabolic balance and return to its normal fat burning ability. In addition, our program helps our clients understand how the foods that they eat affect their bodies’ fat burning ability and Leptin levels.

Leptin is a hormone that is released from body fat. The function of Leptin is to communicate your nutritional condition to your body and brain. For people who are chronically overweight Leptin is not doing its job of reducing appetite and stimulating fat burning. LEPTIN RESISTANCE is when the effect of Leptin is blocked. Leptin resistance makes losing weight difficult if not impossible. The goal of the Lipotropic Rebalancing program is to overcome Leptin resistance through a whole foods diet and exercise plan.

Our clients have lost weight plus often reported improved energy and attitude through our Lipotropic Rebalancing program. They have learned how to work with their improved mental and physical connection to successfully keep the weight off.

You too can increase your self-confidence and personal power through knowing that you are making the right decisions daily. Those decisions, which our program makes clear and simple, have the capacity to produce holistic change in your life.

That’s what our passionate, dedicated professionals are able to help you with, and we can do it better than anyone.

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