weight lossWe  start our clients on the path to health and wellness through various Weight Loss and Wellness programs. The physician-based weight loss programs offered at Total Body Wellness Group are muscle sparing, fat targeting programs that achieve safe, rapid results. At our Auburn, Washington facility, we offer:

  • Medically Monitored hCG Weight Loss Program (By Prescription Only)
  • Medically Monitored Lipotropic Rebalancing Program (By Prescription Only)
  • Phentermine Weight Loss program (By Prescription Only)


There are many companies that are offering weight loss through the use of non-supervised, low calorie diets. At Total Body Wellness:

  • We have a team of well trained experts who genuinely care about your success and overall well-being. We individualize our weight loss programs to meet your personal needs and take your medical weight loss to another level.
  • With support and guidance our patients have lost weight-often a pound a day-while on our customized, medically directed weight loss program.
  • We offer pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals from an FDA approved pharmacy that has been tested for strength and purity.
  • We also offer medical support both on site as well as through telemedicine. This cutting edge technology allows us to draw on the expertise of both the traditional medical and naturopathic fields.
  • After you have reached your healthy goal weight, we continue to provide support as we teach you new lifestyle habits. We further your individualized program with lifestyle and meal choices which aid you in learning how to work with the improved brain/body connection to successfully keep the weight off.
  • All of the team members at Total Body Wellness Group have successfully completed the advanced weight management certification program. They have first-hand experience in helping you obtain your goals.